Super Fast Charging Line Interactive Series


Super Fast Charging

Battery can be recharged to 90% of its capacity within 2-4 hours.

Surge Protection – Provides surge protection for your equipment

Provides protection for the connected equipment from incoming spikes, surges, etc.

Extra assurance while keeping your network safe from disruptive power surges.

Advance Early Warning of UPS Shutdown – Ample time to backup your files

Immediately alerts you to an output overload, high temperature or low battery condition.

Ample time to either correct the condition or shutdown your system before battery time runs out.

Overload Protection

Initiate the alarm to inform the user in an event of an overload.

Automatic shutdown, thus prolonging the lifespan of the UPS.

Over Temperature Protection

Shuts the power supply down in the event of unacceptably high internal temperatures.

Intelligent Battery Management – Better reliability and protection

Additional protection for battery overcharging and deep discharging.

Maximizes battery performance, life and reliability through intelligent precision charging.




Dimension (mm)


Weight (kg)



Voltage Range

162 ~ 290VAC (Single boost)

140 ~ 300VAC (Double boost)

Frequency 50Hz/60Hz (Auto-sensing)
Phase Single + GND


Voltage Range 220-240VAC
Battery Mode 220-240VAC
Frequency 50Hz ±1% (Battery mode)

Simulated sine wave (Battery mode)

Sine wave (AC mode)

Transfer Time 2ms typical


Type 12V/8.2AH x 1
Backup Time 8 - 20 mins depending on load
Recharge Time 2-4 hours recover to 90% capacity


Interface RS232, USB port, RJ45/RJ11 (Optional)
Display LED/LCD Optional
Alarm Batt. Mode, low battery, overload, fault, etc.


Short Circuit Protection Yes (Line mode & battery mode)
Surge Protection Yes
Alarm Audible & Visual
Overload Protection

Line mode : 100 - 120% 1 min change to fault mode
>120% change to fault mode immediately

Battery mode : 100 - 120% 1 min change to fault mode
>120% change to fault mode immediately

Intelligent Battery Prevent overcharging of battery
Management Protect battery and prolong battery life

Real Panel

1. LED Indicator

2. Power AC Input

4. Power Output


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